About Us Hoosiers

We hail from Hammond, IN. Technically, that would make us Hoosiers. You probably have never heard of Hammond. On a map we are in the northwest corner of Indiana.

You ever hear of Gary? Michael Jackson, etc?
That’s next door. So is Chicago.

The Good, The Bad, and The Mysterious
(or downright gnarly) in NWI

The Bad:

  1. Trains, trains and more trains.
    One of the many very long trains!Stretching our legs and videotaping the train!Another train!! Not an unusual event!
    This is also good because that means commerce and industry, but it also means being late when late just won’t do.
  2. Political corruption is a part of life like Uncle Tom getting drunk at Sunday dinner.

The Good:

  1. Lake Michigan. Sand, beaches, biking. There is even a ‘secret’ little cove in Whiting, IN where you can have a swim almost in solitude. Imagine that with 7 million folks close by.
  2. Purdue Calumet. A lovely college that my family has enjoyed for years. The doors have been open to us practicing piano (for a change of pace), playing late night ping pong, and even running through the lawn sprinklers when the temps get too hot. I’ve had many pleasant conversations with faculty in the neighborhood.
    Four The Road Family, Purdue Calumet
  3. The people. Just like anywhere, you have a mix. I have found the mix to be very good here. Down to earth, friendly, family-oriented.
  4. Mayor Thomas Mcdermott Jr. This isn’t an endorsement as to every political decision Mayor McDermott has made. I can, though, plainly say that Hammond is better off with him at the helm. I have seen this with the improving programs, condition of the streets and sidewalks, and the amount of business coming to Hammond. By far, I am most pleased with the College Bound Scholarship Program. It will pay dividends for years to come.
  5. Nature. There, I said it. We have 89 acres of scenic beauty just at Carlson Oxbow Park. There is Gibson Woods with 178 acres featuring a Nature / Awareness Center. We have birds of every kind flying in these here parts. We have large numbers of Herons and Egrets nesting here. I’ve seen coyote, red fox, bald eagles, beaver, herds of deer, and even a hedgehog right here in Hammond, Indiana.

A Great Blue Heron close to the Cline Avenue Rookery

Just a couple of the many Wood Ducks we saw on this day!

An American Kestrel taking a restWe believe these to be American Black Ducks
A Muscovy preening itself in North Hammond!

The Mysterious (Gnarly):

  1. Shoe Corner in St John. According to locals, “someone” began leaving shoes at the corner about six years ago. No one knows why. It all started with one shoe which appeared at the corner and remained for over a month. Soon a boot appeared next to it. Then another shoe. and another. You can do a Google search for Shoe Corner, St. John.
  2. The Barenie family of Griffith annually carves giant pumpkins grown in its Griffith backyard into themed jack-o-lanterns for a popular Halloween display. We have seen Peanuts characters and the Monopoly board game (pieces, too) carved out of their 1,000 lb pumpkins. Wonderful folks to talk to. They even gave us some seeds to grow our own state winners. Well worth the visit in October.
  3. Peteyville. Christmas decorations is an understatement here. Peteyville is the legendary Christmas display that Pete Basala has put up at 3033 Crane Place for 22 years. He is even using neighbors yards on each side now. Peteyville has it’s own meter from the electric company and a radio station when you’re on the block. It is a family tradition of ours and if you happen to be traveling through, it is worth the effort.

– Rob

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