This Week On Four The Road

This Week On Four the Road: In San Diego with a War Hero and Some Bicycling

Virgil Woods in his Dress Whites - a living 'National Treasure'

We are staying on a ridge. When we do any shopping, laundry, etc., it usually requires going down and up several serious hills. But hey, we aren’t complaining (maybe a little).

We have been to the ocean only once but that is soon to change.


This Week On Four the Road: GoPro Hero3, A Pal, A Favor 

Eric and Makani before claiming their destiny!It has almost been one month since our bikes and bodies touched the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean.

We have kept in touch with many of the awesome people we met along the way. Our friend Gil will be hitting Europe on his recumbent bike in the Spring. Eric Ewing and Makani (Tucson) just started training for the RAGBRAI.


This Week On Four the Road: A Love Letter, Our Calling Card, Coming Soon…

Despite the clouds and mist we biked the 8 miles to Pacific BeachThe America we found isn’t the one found on the front page. It isn’t the one you watch on the 10 o’clock news.

If you are searching for the America I love, it is closer than you think. You may not be looking in the right places.



This Week On Four The Road: Hang Gliding, Parkour,
Boogie Boarding and a Little Surprise

Lake Murray from Cowles MountainWe have not left sunny Southern California and are enjoying all it has to offer. We had been renting a place with Virgil and Susan in Serra Mesa, and decided to head a bit further east and are currently renting a place near Lake Murray.



This Week On Four The Road: So Long So Cal, Hello Road!

Steve and JaynaOur time (this time) in San Diego has wound down. We are all thinking forward, and at the same time reminiscing. We’ve had a blast in San Diego. For the last two and a half months we’ve stayed in San Carlos with Steve and Jayna.



 This Week On Four The Road:
Grand Canyon, Mt. Humphreys Peak and Hoover Dam!

We hope you enjoy viewing the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.


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2 thoughts on “This Week On Four The Road

  1. Hi guys! I’ve been following your adventures and keep wondering when I’ll see your smiling faces back in the video store? I wouldn’t be in a hurry to get back, either, but we sure do you miss you!

    • Hey Gail,

      We are hoping you have a long list of jokes for Luke (he is looking forward to them). We are taking the long scenic route back. It isn’t quite as scenic as from the seat of a bicycle, but, you know what we mean.

      We are looking forward to stopping in!

      The Four The Road Family,
      Rob, Gail, Dakota and Luke

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