Bike Across America Journal

Week One of Our Pre-Trip Journal: Awesome day for our family. We did an interview with our local paper The Times (NWI). We met 2 wonderful folks from the paper Chelsea Schneider (reporter) and John Luke (photographer). They were encouraging and warm….

Week Two of Our Pre-Trip Journal: Although the bridge on Hohman Avenue in downtown Hammond was a bit tough heading North, that was nothing compared to the combination of wind and uphill on the trek back. At one point I was saying (literally, out loud), “yes I can! yes I can!”….

Week Three and Four of Our Pre-Trip Journal: Something happens when you travel. Can’t quite explain it, but our senses seem heightened. More honed. We seem to notice the little things a bit more. You notice new things….

Week One of Our Epic Bike Trip: We decided to spend one more day and night on the ocean front (did you hear me singing that line?)! In my head, I was!…

Week Two of Our Epic Bike Trip: Today, we left Suwanee River State Park and pedaled west (young man). We beat our previous record of morning departure by a few minutes. Our bodies are still growing accustomed to the wear and tear. Mornings are usually spent eating something light, maybe chatting with some folks, and checking gear….

Week Three of Our Epic Bike Trip: We hit 300 miles today!!! I am proud of my family. It takes a team effort. Speaking of team efforts, my wife had a tube blowout very close to our 300 milestone. I think we changed the tire and tube in less than 30 minutes….

Week Four of Our Epic Bike Trip: Rather odd how quickly one assimilates. We were enjoying Pensacola from the friendly confines of Ed and Sharon’s condo. We had been delayed several days due to the Mobile Bay Ferry. We got on our bikes when we got the ‘all clear’ for the ferry being opened, and we pedaled. Twenty miles of pedaling in, and none of us could be certain that we were ever in Pensacola in the first place. We had been though….

Week Five of Our Epic Bike Trip: We enjoyed a quick breakfast at Barbara and Bernie’s. We spent a little time talking with them and our French friends. Leaving new friends isn’t so easy, especially for Luke and Dakota. Luke was a bit teary eyed as we pedaled away from our wonderful Gulfport hosts and friends. The day wasn’t completely sad for Luke, though. (More on Luke cheering up later.)…

Week Six of Our Epic Bike Trip: We moved on from Starks in the morning after talking to Reverend Shields for a few minutes. He offered to drive us over the bridge in Beaumont if we couldn’t get over it (legally)….

Week Seven of Our Epic Bike Trip: We spent a couple of hours talking with Chrysa in the morning. She is such a pleasant gal that we could have easily stayed several more hours (or days). She also gave us an awesome idea. She said we should have something that folks along the road could sign….

Week Eight of Our Epic Bike Trip: Eureka! Okay, first things first. We stayed over at the Best Western in Sonora. We are getting to know the people of Texas a bit better. The economy is strong for the most part but hinges on oil and natural gas, etc….

Week Nine of Our Epic Bike Trip: Texas owned us today. Lock, stock and barrel. We left our campsite at exit 166 (Baracho Sta) just before 10:00. Our goal was to make it to Van Horn which was about 27 or so miles. The tent blowing in the early morning hours let us know that the day may be tough….

Week Ten of Our Epic Bike Trip: We had been warned about the hill leaving town. It was a bear. It was windy and cold but we climbed and climbed. We took a quick breather at the top….

Week Eleven of Our Epic Bike Trip: We are a bit behind, at least in recording our adventures. Some of that can still be blamed on the bout of food poisoning that seems to have finally left. I also wasn’t much good after being around 2 dogs and 3 cats for a couple of hours….

Week Twelve of Our Epic Bike Trip: It is Christmas Eve and our time here has been so enjoyable. As much as we were drawn to this little slice of desert paradise, the road draws us also and we have some business to finish….

Week Thirteen of Our Epic Bike Trip:

Today was a bit rough. Roads, winds and a migraine.
We left the Rec Area and began pedaling on the frontage road once again. California is a bit more serious about bikes staying on secondary roads. The road we have to be on is Old highway 80. It is worse than any shoulder or road we have been on in any state. No exaggeration….

Week Fourteen of Our Epic Bike Trip: So what’s it like to cross the country with a family on bikes? Don’t be so impatient, I’ll get to that. We have some other things we must get to first. We have some thanks to offer up. We have the pedaling to the beach to cover. We have some people to share with you. In due time, friends. In due time….

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