This Week On Four the Road: GoPro Hero3, A Pal, A Favor

It has almost been one month since our bikes and bodies touched the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean.

We have kept in touch with many of the awesome people we met along the way. Our friend Gil will be hitting Europe on his recumbent bike in the Spring. Eric Ewing and Makani (Tucson) just started training for the RAGBRAI. They are planning on not only pedaling the RAGBRAI, but to RAGBRAI (Iowa) from Arizona. Eric needs to shed a pound or two and is using this journey to reclaim a piece of his past, while intentionally creating his future.

Eric and Makani before claiming their destiny!

Eric and Makani before claiming their destiny!

You can check out his blog at

We broke down and bought a GoPro Hero3. We probably should have picked one up earlier, but we were new to the concept of taking a bicycle and pedaling it across the United States of America. Enough said.

Hoping to get a lot of use out of this baby!

Hoping to get a lot of use out of this baby!

So, why did we pick up a GoPro Hero3 camera now? Glad you asked. We are gearing up for some more adventures, just not on bikes. Maybe.

Our children are getting older and we aren’t getting any younger.

Can you blame us?

Our picture may not be your picture. We understand. But, we also understand that now is what we have. This is how we choose to spend our ‘now’.

What does all that mean?

We will be putting the GoPro to good use. We will be torpedoing our Bucket List. We will be uploading the adventures as we go.

A smart friend mentioned that it would be nice if he could subscribe to our site to be informed of new posts.

We decided we would put his input to good use and give readers a heads up when we have a new post. You will notice a subscription form on the sidebar. If you want updates…subscribe!

We would also like to ask a favor that requires less than 30 seconds of your time.

One of the ways we funded our odyssey was by trading some of our things for the awesome experience to come. The majority of our funding came when we sold our Jeep Wrangler.

Another way we did (and do) turn a dollar is by our readers doing their Amazon shopping using our link on the sidebar. We will be mentioning this occasionally because it costs you nothing while earning a few cents for us. Please put the link in your favorites and use it when you shop Amazon.

If only 30 of our readers did this, it would help. If 60 of our readers did this, it would make a difference. If 100 of our readers did this and invited their friends to do it also, well, we would buy an island and let you live there. Okay, not quite. But, it would help.

Dakota and Luke are doing well plugging back in to school. The piano will be tuned on Thursday. They are working with me to learn a song. They are hard teachers.

The hospitality of Virgil and Susan has been remarkable. We thought they would have tired of a boring family like ourselves, but, not as of yet. Each evening we share a meal with them.

Virgil and Susan Woods

Over 40 happy years and still going strong!

A war hero husband. A doctor wife. Good company.

Good night.

Thank you for bookmarking and shopping through our Amazon link. It helps us pay the light bill. 😉 You can find it on any page of our site. Just look for the Amazon Search box on the right side of the screen.


6 thoughts on “This Week On Four the Road: GoPro Hero3, A Pal, A Favor

  1. Hey Friends,

    I just made an amazon order through your link. I’m expecting a prime location on the island… just thought I’d get my claim in early. 🙂


    • Hey Eric,

      You already had a prime spot, now you almost have a beach view, just keep making all of your Amazon purchases through our link (wink-wink).

      Love your site and that song. Well done my friend.

      Rob and the Troop

  2. I like the trips that you and your family take and I would like to encourage you so you can count on me to bookmark the link. As for your friend, well tell him I said good luck and I wish him the best. I am sure that you didn’t just sell your wrangler to take this trip but if you did, good grief. lol.

    • Hey Rosa,

      Actually we did sell the Wrangler, quite painful at the time. Now, the trade seems fair for what we were able to do.
      Eric has lost 15 pounds already…that’s what I call serious. RAGBRAI will be here before he knows it.

      The Four the Road Family

  3. So, if I order something do I get to stake a claim as well? lol. I am trying to save some money to purchase a new camera and will be using your Amazon link also. I broke my last camera and have been using my phone but there is nothing like having a camera that takes great photos.

    • Yes, it is a good time to stake a claim. We just picked a GoPro up and are learning the ins and outs. Exciting to think what it may capture.
      Hope that camera comes soon for you.

      Four the Road

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