Roy Rogers On A Bike – Gil Wagner

It is our great privilege to kick off our interview page with Gil Wagner.

We met Gil in Florida while we were crossing the Country on bicycles. He is an adventuring soul, but more than that, a wonderful human being. See for yourself.


FTR – Please introduce yourself to our readers (name, age, former employment):

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November 19th – 25th On Our Cross Country Bike Trip

Date: November 19th

Time Pedaling: 3 hrs. 22 min.
Miles: 36.71
Avg. Speed: 10.8 mph
Max Speed: 24.5 mph
Trip Odometer: 1,118.00
Weather: sunny and warm 73 degrees (Paige, TX) to 74 degrees (Austin, TX)
Time of Departure: 11:42
Arrival Time with our host for the night in Austin, TX: 5:30
Repairs: Gail had a flat tire on the rear of her Denali (a small piece of glass) changed out the inner tube and rode on

We spent a couple of hours talking with Chrysa in the morning. She is such a pleasant gal that we could have easily stayed several more hours (or days). She also gave us an awesome idea. She said we should have something that folks along the road could sign.

We decided that our shirts would be fine and allowed her to be the first to sign.

Our time at the Paige Manor B and B had us feeling like royalty. Chrysa dots every I and crosses every t. That is just who she is…awesome. Thanks so much!

Paige Manor B and B on 290 in Paige, Texas - Stop in and visit with Chrysa

Paige Manor B and B on 290 in Paige, Texas – Stop in and visit with Chrysa

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November 13th – 18th On Our Cross Country Bike Trip

Date: November 13th

Time Pedaling: 3 hrs. 36 min.
Miles: 41.38
Avg. Speed: 11.4 mph
Max Speed: 20.9 mph
Trip Odometer: 889.03
Weather: sunny and cool 67 degrees (Starks, LA) to 68 degrees (Beaumont, TX)
Time of Departure: 10:25
Arrival Time at Knights of Columbus in Beaumont, TX: 4:30, set up the tent at 6:30
NOTE: The temperature dropped down into the 30’s our sleeping bags did a great job of keeping us warm.
Repairs: None

We moved on from Starks in the morning after talking to Reverend Shields for a few minutes. He offered to drive us over the bridge in Beaumont if we couldn’t get over it (legally).

Reverend Shields - Thank you!

Reverend Shields – Thank you!

The wind again was slightly for us. We made it into Texas after just a few miles of pedaling. We stopped at the welcome sign to celebrate and record the occasion.

TEXAS! Yahoo!

TEXAS! Yahoo!

We are well over 800 miles in now. We accomplished one-third of our goal. No matter how tough the road ahead grows, we can look back fondly on what we’ve already done.

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November 5th – 12th On Our Cross Country Bike Trip

Date: November 5th

Time Pedaling: 3 hr. 12 min.
Miles: 38.88
Avg. Speed: 12.1 mph
Max Speed: 20.2 mph
Trip Odometer: 576.78
Weather: sunny and warm, 69 (Gulfport, MS) to 51 degrees (Pearlington, MS)
Breezy with a eastern tailwind (woohoo!) Started raining lightly around 3:30.
Time of Departure: 9:45
Arrival Time at Pearlington Christian Church in Pearlington, MS: 4:00
Repairs: Luke’s pedal needed tightening.

We enjoyed a quick breakfast at Barbara and Bernie’s. We spent a little time talking with them and our French friends. Leaving new friends isn’t so easy, especially for Luke and Dakota. Luke was a bit teary eyed as we pedaled away from our wonderful Gulfport hosts and friends. The day wasn’t completely sad for Luke, though. (More on Luke cheering up later.)

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