EUREKA! Dipping Our Tires in the Pacific Ocean…Now What!?

Hover over a balloon to read a little information, click on balloon for more information about where we have been, places we stopped at, slept at and visited. You can use the + sign to zoom in and get a closer look at the route we took.
–  The Four The Road Family

Date: January 7th

Time Pedaling: 1 hr. 52 min.
Miles: 17.74
Avg. Speed: 9.4 mph
Max Speed: 23.4 mph
Trip Odometer: 2,536.40
Weather: sunny, cool and breezy, 51 degrees (El Cajon, CA) to 63 degrees (El Cajon, CA)
Time of Departure: 11:00
Arrival Time to Coronado Island, CA: 4:15 (PacificTime Zone)
Repairs: None

So what’s it like to cross the country with a family on bikes? Don’t be so impatient, I’ll get to that. We have some other things we must get to first. We have some thanks to offer up. We have the pedaling to the beach to cover. We have some people to share with you. In due time, friends. In due time.

We started putting together a list of people we needed to call or email upon completion of our journey. There are family members, old friends, new friends.

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