September 26th – October 9th Preparing For Our Cross Country Bike Trip

Date: Week 3

We can’t prove that weeks 3 and 4 really happened…so, our question to you is, “Did it?”.

The best I can offer for week 3 are some associations that come to mind. I’ll type them as fast as I can. Use them for titles of your bestseller if you please:

Selling  stuff

Goodbye’s          Dinner with Friends and Family

Sold the Jeep                         Loading

Thinking about training

Selling stuff                     Prioritizing

Making sure we have everything           Thinking about training

Preparing to Leave for Florida

Doing NO training, but thinking about training!

Date: Week 4

On the 5th day of October 2012, we pulled out to begin our descent to places south. The day had grown cold and so we were looking forward to the weather warming up. It had gotten down to 42 degrees and some areas were looking forward to the first frost warning. Imagine our pleasant surprise when we hit Georgia and the temperatures were in the eighties. All the bundles were taken off.

Something happens when you travel. Can’t quite explain it, but our senses seem heightened. More honed. We seem to notice the little things a bit more. You notice new things.

We drove through the night from Hammond and stopped for a couple of uncomfortable winks in the truck. The town was Bowling Green, Kentucky and my eyelids closed while looking at the Corvette Museum (the great big rpm gauge to be exact).

On the 6th, we drove through the remainder of Kentucky and Tennesee. A funny thing happened in Tennesee. On highway 24 the road is curved. Within a matter of about five miles we left Tennesee and entered Georgia and then entered Tennesee and then entered Georgia.

Welcome to Tennessee! I missed getting a photo of the first Georgia sign!

Rest Area in Grundy County, Tennessee

Welcome to Georgia!

We stopped in Atlanta and ate at Willy’s Mexicana Grill. A welcome respite after 12 plus hours on the road. The food was good and the rest helped give us that little boost for the next leg of our journey.

A side note is the fluctuating gas price from town to town. Am I the only one who sees a low price and figures it will only get lower a little up the road? I can assure you, it doesn’t. At least not as a rule.

We pulled into Metter, GA at about 9:00 pm to stay a couple of days with family. We had a large portion of fishing, boating, bonfiring, laughing, eating. Overall just a giant-sized portion of Southern Hospitality. Thanks Russ, Lyle, River, and Canyon. A special thanks to Cody for learning us Northerners a bit on fishing in the South and teaching us some words we didn’t even know existed.

This big teddy bear is a wordsmith extraordinaire.

We are excited and ready to hit the road Tuesday or Wednesday morning. We will keep you posted.

Interesting Facts About Metter, GA

Town Slogan is “Everything’s Better in Metter.”
Population – 3,879 (2000 Census)
Home to Dr. Michael Guido best known as “The Sower” an evangelical pastor. As far as we know, claims that say he is a distant relative of Father Guido Sarducci have not yet been substantiated.
Fire Ants: Metter Georgia has more fire ants per capita then any where else on earth. At least it felt that way on my foot. 🙂
It’s amazing how you don’t feel them crawling on you at all. Then, like a carefully orchestrated ambush they bite all at once.

Fire Ants! Aren't they special?

Also home to Air Machines that takes credit cards! First one we have ever seen!

Metter, Georgia has an Air machine that takes credit cards.Sorry about the quality of the photo, it was late and I was tired!

Date: October 9th

Arrived in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. We stopped at a Walmart to pick up another bike trailer and some last minute items for our adventure. Then, we drove towards the ocean to find a place to rest our heads for the night.

While we unloaded our belongings into the hotel room, Anthony showed up to buy our truck. With the truck sold, our bodies are our lone engines.

And so….it begins!

Don't worry about a thing!

A couple of Brown Pelicans looking for a snack!

A ship sailing on the Atlantic Ocean


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