This Week On Four The Road: Hang Gliding, Parkour, Boogie Boarding and a Little Surprise

Folks have been wondering what we’ve been up to now that our cross country bicycle trip is complete. If you have followed our journey, you know that we completed it in San Diego.

Mission Bay Sunset

Mission Bay Sunset

We have not left sunny Southern California and are enjoying all it has to offer. We had been renting a place with Virgil and Susan in Serra Mesa, and decided to head a bit further east and are currently renting a place near Lake Murray.

Lake Murray from Cowles Mountain

Lake Murray from Cowles Mountain

We are sharing a large home with the owners; Steve and Jayna. They are two of the most genuine and nice people we have met. If Dakota goes to college out here, their place will be option number 1. They are both hard working, go-getters.

Enough about everyone else. Let’s talk about us.

Dakota and I are taking hang gliding lessons. We are 5 lessons in and are ready to launch from higher elevations. You have to walk before you can run, and so we have. Our lessons consist of running down a training hill repeatedly. We have run down the hill over 100 times. To clarify, we are running down the hill with a hang glider. At the bottom we attempt to do a proper ‘flare’. A flare is how you slow the hang glider down to safely land.

We are ready to self-launch from a location that has launch points of 20, 50, and 100+ feet. We will probably go on one tandem flight with our instructor first. Speaking of our instructor, his name is John Heiney. He has been in the Guinness Book for consecutive loops (52). He has been flying for over 30 years and still does to this day. That was a prerequisite I had in choosing an instructor; not that he was still flying, but that he was alive. Some aren’t you know.

Luke, Dakota and I take Parkour classes on Monday nights. We will have some videos to share with you soon. We are working on doing a back tuck along with other nifty tricks. Luke loves it.

Dakota and I boogie board in the Pacific at least twice a week while Luke and Gail are building epic castles in the sand.

One Epic Sand Castle   Another Epic Sand Castle

You can check out our most recent boogie board video here (coming soon). It wasn’t long after bringing the GoPro in to shore and going back out that I got a special treat.

As Dakota and I were going further out for the bigger waves, I felt shuffling beneath my foot followed by a sting. At first I thought I had been clawed by a crab, then, the thought occurred to me that it was a stingray.

No worries, there were still waves to catch.

After catching a couple of more waves, the cold won over and we headed in. The pain in my foot was now spreading. Getting to the shore, we could see why. I had definitely been stung by a stingray through my foot. It entered the bottom of my foot and exited at the side.

From wikihow:
Stingray stings are caused by the sharp barb that Stingray
transmits a protein-based venom. This venom causes extreme pain that will spike and decrease over the next several hours, and often leave cuts and abrasions at the sting site. The pain is most extreme during the first 30-90 minutes after the sting, spiking on and off during this time as well. It is common for a sting to bleed a good bit and swell.

Pacific Beach First Aid Tower

Jonathon the Life Guard

My wonderful wife insisted I wouldn’t walk to the car and that she would drive me to the Life Guard Station. After arriving, Jonathon got my foot in some hot water. He was kind even though we were keeping him over his shift. I soaked my foot in very hot water for about 25 minutes until the pain subsided quite a bit.

Soak in very H-O-T water!  The Epic Stingray's Mark

The pain was probably about a 7 out of 10. I’ve had worse, but I’m in no hurry to repeat the process.

Stingray's leave a bit of a mark

Dakota and I are planning on climbing on surfboards soon.

The four of us also hiked up Cowles Mountain ( Luke was wearing the GoPro. He was a trooper because he was just getting over his cold and still had a cough. Nice hike, over 1,500 feet.

That’s it for now.

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